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sophosCOM Telemarketing, import dari China, Diciptakan oleh Pabrik Besar di China dengan Tim Riset Professional China

- Tahan panas - Khusus untuk Telemarketing, yang ditugaskan menelepon keluar ratusan call per hari 

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- ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

- CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) : - Dialing Customer Service / Help desk Order taking Complaint Handling


- Campaign Call : Setelah agent Log-in, system akan menelepon keluar sendiri. sesuai dengan list telepon yang ditentukan oleh supervisor, agent tidak perlu menekan nomor telepon tujuan

- Telesales / Telemarketing Call Plan - User defined tele-script ( create SALES SCRIPT) : Saat Agent akan menelepon ke nomor telepon yang sudah ditentukan, akan muncul SALES SCRIPT yang sudah ditentukan oleh Supervisor

The call center  can handle incoming and outgoing campaigns. Some of its features are: · Predictive Dialer (Automatic Campaign Outgoing Call ) · Support for Do-Not-Call List · Support for incoming and outgoing campaigns · Forms can be associated to a campaign and designed through an Web wizard · A "script" can be associated to a campaign · Agent console · Support for various types of breaks · Advanced Reports · Integration with CRM (Based on Web Service) Outgoing Campaign · Generates calls from a telephone list · Calls are assigned to agents to interconnect them with the clients · The predictive dialer generates calls trying efficiently as possible · The agent receives the user information and registers it in the database through forms · The information can be exported to spreadsheets Inbound Campaign · The Call Center module receives calls and assigns them to agents through queues.  Reports · Break report · Call detail report · Calls by hour report · Calls by agent report · Stand by time report · Login – Logout report · Inbound Calls · Agent monitoring · Call inbound monitoring · Agent information · Agent total connection time report · Report of trunk usage by hour and day Spec dalam PDF : Hubungi kami 

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